Directions to Polar Bear Biathlon at McCauley Mountain

For those of you traveling to Old Forge for our biathlon races, either summer or winter, it is quite easy to find our race site! There are only two ways into Old Forge, one from the north, the other from the south. If you are coming from the north on route 28 travel one block south of the school and Post Office. Turn left at the sign that advertises Scenic Chairlift Rides and/or Ski Area. Follow the street 1/4 mile to a left hand turn. Take the left and follow the road for approximately one mile. You will be climbing most of this mile. Turn left at the sign for McCauley Mountain and travel another mile where you will see a left hand turn that is labeled McCauley Mountain. If you see the sign for Nick’s Lake Campgrounds, you have gone 200 feet too far! Take the left turn for McCauley and travel 1/2 mile. You are there!
If you are traveling from the south on route 28, follow route 28 through the village of Old Forge until you reach Keyes Pancake House, on the left side of the road. Immediately after the Pancake House is a Realitor’s Office, on the right side of the road, and a sign on the right that advertises McCauley Mountain Ski Area and Scenic Chairlift rides. Turn right here and follow the above directions.
Please note that once you start towards McCauley Mountain there will directional signs at each turn.
See you at the races!