Day: July 19, 2011

Shooting Practice Continues to be a big hit at Woodcraft Camps!

Shooting practice at Woodcraft Camps in Old Forge has produced a great turnout again this year.  This evening we had two adults that have been coming to practice since our June Biathlon and two student/youth shooters.  One of the youth, Henry Uzdavinis showed that he is ready to continue his success from last year.  He zeroed very quickly and then proceeded to shoot clean for the entire evening.  He used two different guns and was able to have the same results on both.  Henry will be returning to Woodcraft camps for the second half of the summer, which means that he will shoot with us almost every Tuesday evening until camp closes at the end of August.

Also we had a new shooter join us this evening.  His name is Charlie Doublet.   Charlie is the newest member of the Polar Bear Biathlon Club and has a knack for shooting.  After reviewing all the safety procedures he began shooting.  His first five clips of ammo gave him 15 hits out of 25!  Not bad for a first outing!  Charlie is currently a resident of Cypress, the country of!  He is our first international member!  It is great to have him with us!

Our other shooters this evening were Ms. Anne Greene and Ms. Leslie Leach, both new shooters this year and both adults.  They have taken to biathlon like a duck to water!  Both women are intent on their skills and are shooting quite well.  It is good to have adults that have a knack for the sport and like to do it.

It is a pleasure to have so much support for our club!  Good job gang and keep up the good work!