Shooting Schedule Updates for Polar Bear Biathlon Club

A big thank you to everyone that has given time to shoot this summer.  Our schedule for the remainder of the summer is changing due to schedule changes and work schedules.  We will be shooting at Woodcraft Camps on Tuesday, August 2nd and 9th.  On the weekend of August 13th and 14th Woodcraft will close their regular season which means that we will stop shooting there after the 9th of August.  I will move the three targets that are at Woodcraft to McCauley mountain for the upcoming race on Sunday August 14th.  After the race on the 14th we will return to Sunday shooting beginning on the 28th of August.  Once September rolls around we will see what is best for the shooters.

I know that the fall sporting schedule begins around the 22nd of August, which means that all of our youth will be involved evenings.  Therefore the only time that could meet would be on Sundays.  More on this at the end of August.

I hope to see you during our last two scheduled shooting sessions and at the race on August 14th!