Get Ready for the Racing Season!

As the weather changes from the nice warm sun, lots of leaves and summer chores to frosty mornings, shorter days and cooler temperatures it is time to begin preparation for your upcoming racing season.  For all of our Polar Bear Biathletes you need to get your paperwork done.  For you to race this season make sure that you have joined all the necessary organizations.  First of all you must join the Polar Bear Ski Club!  Make sure that you are a member.  Secondly, you must join New York State Ski Racing, NYSSRA, Nordic.  You can do this online.  Then you will also have to be a member of USBA, United States Biathlon Association.  This will set you back somewhere around $200, possibly more depending if you take out family memberships!  Once you have all of these things taken care of start looking over the racing schedule.  Remember, for many you are racing on the high school nordic team first and fore most.  That is where you are getting your basic training and conditioning.  Then you need to decide what weekends you are going to double, or in some cases triple, up your racing.  Make a list of those races and mark your calendar.  Then plan your training to meet that schedule.  Keep in mind that the Empire State Games are not going to be end of year races this year.  They have been moved to February 2nd through 5th.  The biathlon race will be on February 5th, one race this year.  Our end of year championships will be the New York State Championships.

The race schedule for the Polar Bear Biathlon Club starts with a race on January 1st.  It will be a 7.5 km sprint for all participants.  We are going to try for one or two more dates, but at this point we have not settle on those dates.  More will come as decisions are made.  Our final calendar will be in place by the end of October!  Get out and get shooting.  Our calendar has our fall shooting dates listed.  The racing schedule will be posted soon.