Month: January 2012

Polar Bear Biathlon for January 29th Cancelled

We are sorry to say that Mother Nature has wiped out both of our biathlons this season.  The decision was made on Wednesday, January 25th, that there was not enough snow in the shooting area of the range as well as no snow to push across the road to host a race.  The penalty area was icy and very thin as well.

At this point in time the Empire State Winter Games for biathlon are in question for next weekend.  The cross country events for next weekend have been moved to the ski jump area.  They will make snow to cover a 1.5 to 2.o km course.  The final decision will be made on Wednesday, February 1st, as to whether the cross country races will definitely be held.   More as we learn what is happening

Hopefully you will join us in our Summer Biathlon events beginning in June!  See you then!