Month: June 2012

Summer Training Sessions to begin on June 26, 2012

Beginning on June 26th the Polar Bear Biathlon Team will begin their summer shooting sessions.  At 6:30 every Tuesday running from June 26th through August 7th we will be shooting at Woodcraft Camps.  We will shoot for about 9o minutes per session.  All of our shooters, adults and youth, are invited to attend.  We will also have shooting on weekends when possible!

We hope to see all of you through out the summer.  We will be upgrading the last of the biathlon rifles this summer.  Which means that we will be sharing rifles throughout the season.   See you on the range!

June 9th and 10th a Big Success for Polar Bear Biathlon Club!

June 9th dawned with heavy overcast skies and light rain.  This was the second Junionr Development Clinic of the season and it was going to be wet!  We had six juniors, three experienced and three new, who would be training that day.  The clinic got underway at approximately 9:00 a.m. under the direction of Art Stegen and Sean Halligan.  The group worked on everything from dry firing, positioning, zeroing and training for biathlon.  After a short break for lunch the group continued with standing shooting techniques and ended the day with two short relays.  The rain was on again off again all day long.  At approximately 4:00 pm we were done for the day.  From the Polar Bear Biathlon team we had Maddie Phaneuf, Megan Greene and Henry Uzdavinis attending.

On Sunday the day started clear and warm.  This was to be the first summer biathlon for the season for the Polar Bear Biathlon Club.  There were 13 hardy souls who entered this sprint race.  There were two racers from Pennsylvania, Douglas Hoover and Frank Gaval, one from Canada, Annalisa Percy, and the other ten from NY.  The course was moderately hilly in the beginning of the loop with the last half of the loop being basically flat.  The temperature was approximately 80 degrees with high humidity at the start of the race at 11:00 a.m.   The sprint race had two shooting stops, the first prone and the second standing.  The fastest time of the day was registered by Youth Male, Brian Halligan from Ganesvoort, NY.  Brian beat out Douglas Hoover from Williamsburg, PA. by 32 seconds.  Both Brian and Douglas shot 7 for 10 in their races.  In the women’s race Annalisa Percy recorded the fastest time for females by over four minutes from second place Maddie Phaneuf.   Annalisa shot 2 for 10 and Maddie shot 1 for 10 in this race.

In the sport category, Girl Class racer Allyson Brosemer recorded the fastest time of the day beating out second place Senior Woman, Kathleen Rivet, by 1:24.  Both competitors went 9 for 10 with their shooting for the day.  First for the men’s class went to Senior Male, Paul Rivet who went 6 for 10 shooting.

The best shooting of the day for Women was shared between Allyson Brosemer, Deborah Brosemer and Kathleen Rivet all shooting 9 of 10.  All three of these ladies shot twice at standing targets.  For men it was Richard Sloman shooting 8 of 10.  Richard was in the competition class, which means that he shot once at small targets prone and once at large targets standing.  He missed one in each stop.

The following are the results by class:

Sport Division:   Girl Class  Allyson Brosemer  1st     9 of 10   38:49

Megan Greene        2nd   6 of 10   41:53

Senior Women      Kathleen Rivet    1st    9 of 10    40:13

Anne Greene        2nd  6 of 10   43:02

Danielle Beckingham    3rd   3 of 10   45:02

Deborah Brosemer        4th    9 of 10   53:57

Master Women   Lesley Leach       1st    6 of 10   41:02

Senior Men          Paul Rivet            1st   6 of 10   29:57

Competition Class      Youth Women        Maddie Phaneuf        1st     1 of 10     38:53

Youth Men               Brian Halligan          1st      7 of 10    24:10

Senior Women        Annalisa Percy          1st      2 or 10   34:25

Master Men             Douglas Hoover        1st      7 of 10   24:42

Richard Sloman        2nd    8 of 10   33:25

GrandMaster Men   Art Stegen                   1st     7 of 10    38:21

Frank Gaval               2nd    2 of 10   41:09