Polar Bear Athletes Join the ranks at Junior Development Clinics

On Sunday, June 8th, two Polar Bear Biathletes traveled to Day, New York to take part in a Junior Development Biathlon Clinic hosted by the New York Junior Development Committee and Junior Development Coach Algis Shalna.  The day started with Sean Halligan, Art Stegen, and Algis Shalna making sure the participants were properly suited to the rifle that they were using.  This was followed by Coach Shalna discussing the techniques that were needed to be successful in biathlon.  Topics such as how to approach the range, holding the rifle, official rules on gun handling, etc. were covered during this part of the session.  Once completed the athletes moved to zeroing on their zero board.  Zeroing means that each athlete shoots five bullets at one target and than their sites are adjusted so to improve their shooting results.  Each shooter fired 20 rounds at paper targets to allow for the zeroing process to be completed.  When completed they broke for lunch.

After lunch Coach Shalna instructed the athletes in proper technique for shooting in the standing position.  Following this the members of the clinic spent time shooting in the standing and prone positions.  After approximately an hour of shooting the clinic participants took part in several fun, and challenging races to test what they had learned and demonstrated the skills explained throughout the clinic.  These competitions entailed each athlete running a short distance and shooting twice in each leg of the races.  All in all it was a very good day!

On June 21st there will be another Junior Development clinic hosted by the Polar Bear Biathlon Club.  Local biathletes that are currently scheduled to participate are Megan Greene, Tyler Rudolph, Connor Hrynuk and Henry Uzdavinis.  The clinic on the 21st will be instructed by former National Team Coach and National Guard Coach Art Stegen and former National Guard Team Member Sean Halligan.  On Sunday the 22nd we will host a Modified Pursuit Biathlon race open to all!