Summer Shooting for Polar Bear Biathlon

The summer is shorter than usual this year for our younger biathletes.  With them getting out of school at the end of June, 27th, and going back on the 2nd of September it works out to barely 8 weeks.  This being said we are trying to offer them plenty of chances to train/shoot.  For this reason we have set up weekly sessions at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps on Tuesdays.  Plus this summer we are doing additional sessions every couple of weeks at McCauley Mountain on Sunday afternoons and To this training you can add a good supplement.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature has not been cooperating.  So far, we have had one Tuesday since the start of the summer that it hasn’t rained and one Sunday session.  Every other session has either been rained out or rained before we finished.  Still, what little shooting that we have been able to do, it has been very encouraging.  Those present are making nice strides to become better biathletes.  Some sessions there are one or two present, others we have six or seven shooters.  A nice feature that has developed over the last year is having both young and adult shooters.  It is nice to see both levels of athletes working together, helping each other with suggestions and questions.  I am very pleased with this mix!  More as the year wears on!