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Shooting Practice Continues to be a big hit at Woodcraft Camps!

Shooting practice at Woodcraft Camps in Old Forge has produced a great turnout again this year.  This evening we had two adults that have been coming to practice since our June Biathlon and two student/youth shooters.  One of the youth, Henry Uzdavinis showed that he is ready to continue his success from last year.  He zeroed very quickly and then proceeded to shoot clean for the entire evening.  He used two different guns and was able to have the same results on both.  Henry will be returning to Woodcraft camps for the second half of the summer, which means that he will shoot with us almost every Tuesday evening until camp closes at the end of August.

Also we had a new shooter join us this evening.  His name is Charlie Doublet.   Charlie is the newest member of the Polar Bear Biathlon Club and has a knack for shooting.  After reviewing all the safety procedures he began shooting.  His first five clips of ammo gave him 15 hits out of 25!  Not bad for a first outing!  Charlie is currently a resident of Cypress, the country of!  He is our first international member!  It is great to have him with us!

Our other shooters this evening were Ms. Anne Greene and Ms. Leslie Leach, both new shooters this year and both adults.  They have taken to biathlon like a duck to water!  Both women are intent on their skills and are shooting quite well.  It is good to have adults that have a knack for the sport and like to do it.

It is a pleasure to have so much support for our club!  Good job gang and keep up the good work!

Biathlon Shooting Practice-Sunday July 17th!

We will be shooting on Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. for those that would like attend.  Our location for this session will be at McCauley Mountain.  If you are going to attend and have time to let me know I would appreciate it.  Thanks, Carl Klossner (c underscore klossner at


Summer Training Should be Part of Your Summer Plans!

Now that summer is officially with us we need to set some time aside for training.  Biathlon is a sport that requires you to be physically fit as well as a good shot.  We will shoot throughout the summer, but you also need to be doing some sort of physical exercise to keep your body in shape.  For those of us that want to do sport specific exercise there is rollerskiing.  This will work both your legs and arms and also keep your  muscles in shape for skiing.  If you have rollerblades, they are a good alternative to rollerskis, but you need to be careful that you don’t swing your legs in a circular motion while moving from foot to foot.  If you are into running, that is a good alternative.  Biking is also a good way to keep fit for summer.  The key to whatever you want to do is making it fun.  Don’t do daily hard workouts no matter what you decide for your exercise of choice, try supplements and learn about how the Gluconite works as a health habit.  A combination of things, running and biking, roller skiing and biking, swimming, kayaking are a few different things that are good for you.  This is called cross training.

As I said earlier, make sure that your workouts are fun and that you don’t over do your workouts.  Consistency is also important.  You can’t do a weeks workouts and then feel that you are set.  If you are just starting out or recovering from an injury try to do 20 minutes a day for three or four days per week.  The key is to do this throughout the summer and to give your body a rest between workouts.  Our goal for the summer is to build a base of endurance for the fall.  So longer and slower paced exercise is good.  Some speed work is good, but it is not the goal for the summer.  As you get closer to your season, i.e., skiing or soccer or whatever, then more speed work should be done.

For now, just get out and do something several days per week.  Your goal should be to build to 30 minutes a day, three or four days per week.  Be sure to vary your exercise so that you don’t get “burned out” with what you are doing.  If it gets to be something you are dreading, then you are trying to do too much and are not changing it up enough.  Remember hiking is a great alternative for you!  A long hike builds endurance and is fun besides.  Take the family with you! An important addition is to keep a log of your activity.  This will help you keep going and also will give you an idea of what you have done once the summer is over.

More as the summer progresses and I hope that you will be able to shoot with us during our summer sessions.  See you at the range!

Directions to Polar Bear Biathlon at McCauley Mountain

For those of you traveling to Old Forge for our biathlon races, either summer or winter, it is quite easy to find our race site! There are only two ways into Old Forge, one from the north, the other from the south. If you are coming from the north on route 28 travel one block south of the school and Post Office. Turn left at the sign that advertises Scenic Chairlift Rides and/or Ski Area. Follow the street 1/4 mile to a left hand turn. Take the left and follow the road for approximately one mile. You will be climbing most of this mile. Turn left at the sign for McCauley Mountain and travel another mile where you will see a left hand turn that is labeled McCauley Mountain. If you see the sign for Nick’s Lake Campgrounds, you have gone 200 feet too far! Take the left turn for McCauley and travel 1/2 mile. You are there!
If you are traveling from the south on route 28, follow route 28 through the village of Old Forge until you reach Keyes Pancake House, on the left side of the road. Immediately after the Pancake House is a Realitor’s Office, on the right side of the road, and a sign on the right that advertises McCauley Mountain Ski Area and Scenic Chairlift rides. Turn right here and follow the above directions.
Please note that once you start towards McCauley Mountain there will directional signs at each turn.
See you at the races!

Empire State Winter Games Are Set for Winter 2012

The Empire States Winter Games are going to be scheduled, at least for now, for February 2nd through the 5th.  This is a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There was much discussion between the chair’s of each of the winter sports and the Lake Placid Planning committee.  This past week through a phone conference the decision was made to go ahead with the dates listed earlier.  Throughout the summer and early fall plans will be put in place to set up a race schedule that will  be challenging to all.  One of the details that will have to be resolved will be the Lake Placid Loppet.  This 50 km. race is scheduled to take place on February 4th.  For us to have a two day event, we will need to come up with something that will allow our racers to compete on two days and that will also not force people to stay in Lake Placid the entire time.  More news will be posted as soon as a schedule has been put in place.

Check back often to see what is happening with the ESWGs and also the regular race schedules!

Empire State Winter Games Takes On New Look!

At the spring meeting of NYSSRA Nordic this past weekend we were made aware of some changes that are in the works for the 2011-2012 winter season. In the past the Empire State Games lasted for three days. Usually, at least the last several years, Biathlon was on the first two days, Friday/Saturday; Cross Country was on the second and third days along with Ski-O and Snowshoe racing. On Sunday when we meet we were told to discuss what or how we would set up our races if the dates were either February 2, 3, 4, 5 or February 26, 27, 28, 29. We were also told that the organizing committee wanted to make the races a more regional set of races instead of something exclusively locked into the village of Lake Placid. Our first questions were why those particular weekends? The first weekend was established to coincide with the Saranac Winter Carnival. The second weekend was just before the High School Sectional races, which are scheduled for the 28th and 29th of February. The Lake Placid organizers want to tie the two events together.
Since each discipline was asked to give opinions as well as solutions we gave our opinion, which started with leaving the process as it has been and then discussed weekday races (2nd and 3rd are a Thursday/Friday and the 27th, 28th, 29th are a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday) and the difficulty of getting volunteers as well as racers to participate. Solutions were not as plentiful as opinions. If Biathlon is going to be part of either weekend we will have to drop from two races to one for this year. In either case the race would be on Sunday. Time will tell what happens, but in either case there will be a new look to whatever the decision turns out to be.

New York Biathlon Meeting Scheduled

The spring meeting of New York Biathlon will take place on Sunday, April 3rd at 9:30 a.m. The location is Utica Tech in North Utica. Anyone interested in attending is welcome. The agend for the day is published on NYB webpage. There will also be a Mid-Atlantic JO meeting that morning as well as a nordic meeting. The morning committee meetings will end at 11:30, or there abouts, for lunch. The NYSSRA Nordic meeting will begin at 12:30. One of the afternoon topics for discussion will be the 2012 Empire State Games. There is a proposal to hold the games on the weekend of February 4th, 5th and 6th.
The morning meeting will discuss upcoming summer biathlon races and their scheduling. Proposed winter races and changes to the guidelines for biathlon. We hope to see you at the meeting on the 3rd.

The 2011 Empire State Games Biathlon Race come to a close with the Polar Bear Biathlon Racers bringing home 3 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze!

Mother nature wanted to be sure that we remembered the 2011 ESGs. Today the temperatures were in the teens with a pretty strong, swirling wind and some driving snow for the start of the race. Shooting in the race today was good for some and not so good for others. Much of it depended on when you were in the range and how tired you were from yesterday’s race. Some traditionally strong shooters had under 50% shooting today. Others shot well.
Today’s race was an Individual Relay, which means that everyone skis for themselves, but they get a total of 8 shots on each lap to hit five targets. Normally there are very few people that have to ski penalty laps in a race like this. Today with cold temperatures, driving winds and snow, that all changed. For the Polar Bear Biathlon racers, Maddie Phaneuf and Damon Kull the skiing was slow and the shooting was tough. At the end of the race Maddie took home the Silver Medal for her competition class and Damon took home the Bronze. Maddie has had better days shooting, 3 for 10, but she was tough on the snow skiing. Damon had his best day ever hitting 10 for 10, using three extra shots. Today’s race was a 6 km. course for everyone, but with soft conditions it was again like skiing in oatmeal. Still all of the racers have to be commended for their drive to compete in two tough days of shooting and skiing.
Today’s race was the last race of the season for Maddie Phaneuf, she will be participating at the Junior Olympics in Minnesota during the New York Championships and Damon may decide to race, but with spring coming and high school sports starting that next week, he may decide to pass and get into the golf season early. No matter what happens the team has had a short, but great year. All of their races have taken place over a one month period. When ever I attend a race other coaches and skiers all seem to ask if any of the Polar Bear Biathlon team is coming. At this point we are young and growing, but will be a force in a few years. Here is to another great season on shooting and skiing. I have come to believe that a season is judged not by how many targets that have been knocked down, but by the growth of the individual skiers. We have shown tremendous growth this year! I look forward to next season for even better results!

Day One of the Empire State Games in the book!

For the first day of racing at the ESGs the competitors had their hands full with both shooting and skiing. Mother Nature decided to see how miserable she could make it for all involved. With about 8 inches on new snow on the ground and some pretty windy conditions the race was delayed from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. The common conversation heard amount those present, racers, volunteers and spectators alike, related to the road conditions and road blocks near Lake Placid. When it was time for the zero to begin the snow was blowing hard enough to make it difficult for the shooters to tell where they were hitting their targets. Shortly before the race started it let up enough to zero our local team, Damon Kull and Maddie Phaneuf. After the first lap of the race everyone knew that it was going to be a rough day. As was heard from one athlete, “it was knee deep on all the hills!” Damon and Maddie skiied into the range almost together despite the minute and a half difference in start time. After the first round of shooting they both left the range with two misses, one of the best first rounds they have both had all season. On the second lap the wind picked up and everyone was finding it difficult to shoot. Damon was first in to the range and left with three misses, 50% on the day. Maddie was in shortly after Damon’s arrival and had a rough round missing all five targets. At that point it was a matter of skiing to see where she would finish. By the end of the race close to a foot of new snow had fallen and people were struggling into the finish. When all was said and done both Damon and Maddie had claimed a Silver Medal in their respective classes. All in all a good day for the Polar Bear Biathlon Team.
Day two will be an Individual Relay. This race will be 6 km. for all racers with two shooting stations. Unlike the first day, on each lap the shooters will have three bonus rounds that they can use if necesary to knock down their targets, 8 shots to hit five targets. The course should be soft again tomorrow which means that it will ski like a 10 km race. We will have another report after day two of racing!