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Races for Summer Biathlon

Polar Bear Summer Biathlons are Scheduled and Ready for Registration!

For those of you that are interested in trying two different fun and exciting running biathlons, the Polar Bear Biathlon Club has what you are looking for!  Our first race will take place on June 22nd at McCauley Mountain Ski Center in Old Forge, NY.  This will be a modified pursuit race with four shooting stops and five 1 km laps.  It will be a prone, prone, standing, standing format.  There will be both competition and sport classes with prizes for the first three in each class.  The entry fee will be $20 for pre-registered competitors and $25 for those that wait for day of race entry.  The course will be almost entirely on the Nordic trails on site, with rolling hills, but no Alpine terrain.  It can almost be called a flat and fast course, almost!  Registration can be done on  As of today registration is open and ready to go.

You can also register for our August event which will be a sprint race.  This will be located at the Adirondack Woodcraft Camps on August 24th.  A sprint race is a three lap race, each about 2 km, with two shooting stops.   One prone and one standing.  Sport classes will shoot prone for both stops.  The fees will be the same as those listed for the June race.  The race course at the Woodcraft camps is flat and fast!  The course will be on woods roads and camp trails!  Any questions, please fee free to contact the race organizer, Carl Klossner, at

Both races will have registration, bib pick up at 8:30, with zero beginning at 9:00 and race start at 10:00.  There will be a beginners safety clinic given as needed.  If you want to give these races a try, but do not have a rifle, we will have limited loaner rifles there for day of race use.  You may end up sharing with another competitor!  We hope that you will come out and join us for these two fun events!

Polar Bear Summer Biathlon Spring Results


112 Phaneuf, Sam PBBC Old Forge, NY YM 4 3 7
00:32:04 1
111 Fieroh,Will NYSEF Paul Smiths, NY YM 4 4 8
00:35:33 2

113 Hoover, Douglas Penn. Biathlon Williamsburg, PA MM 2 1 3
00:24:21 1

115 Brackett, Gary SBC Oneonta, NY GMM 2 2 4
00:29:00 1
114 Sloman, Richard SBC Oneonta, NY GMM 1 2 3
00:33:01 2
116 Myer, Russ NYSSRA Nordic Albany, NY GMM 1 3 4
00:37:49 3
117 Art Stegen SBC
GMM 4 2 6
00:39:54 4
119 Gaval, Frank Penn. Biathlon Sugarloaf, PA GMM 4 5 9
00:40:41 5

118 Phaneuf, Maddie PBBC Old Forge, NY YF 4 2 6
00:33:47 1

131 Greene, Megan PBBC Old Forge, NY G 0 2 2
00:35:59 1
129 Brosemer, Allyson PBBC Old Forge, NY G 0 0 0
00:37:59 2
130 Brackett, Sarah SBC Oneonta, NY G 1 3 4 00:01:32 00:39:29 3

133 Brosemer, Debbie PBBC Old Forge, NY MFS 2 1 3
00:46:57 1
132 Phaneuf, Janine PBBC Old Forge, NY MFS 4 3 7 00:00:45 00:51:30 2

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Polar Bear Summer Biathlon-Registration Open

Everyone interested in racing in the June 12th Summer Biathlon race at McCauley Mountain can register at SkiReg. There is a class for all competitors. The race distance will be approximately 5 kilometers for everyone. There will be two race categories, sport for those that one to give it a try and competition for those that are competitive biathletes. The registration fee for all preregistration entries received before 5 p.m. on June 11th will be $15. Day of race registration will be available at an additional $10 fee, $25. There will be awards for the top three finishers in each race class. All racers must be a member of USBA and also of a recognized biathlon club. If you are not a member of both of these organizations a one day membership is available for that day. USBA membership is $10 per day and the biathlon club dues is $5 per day.
We hope you will come and visit the home of the Polar Bear Biathlon Club and spend the day with us! See you then!

Summer Biathlon Races

Summer Schedule is finally set. Listed below are the races for the summer 2011 season for NYB!

June 12-McCauley Mountain-Old Forge, NY-9 a.m. registration, 10 a.m. zero, 11 a.m. race start- Sprint

July 9th or 10th-Mount VanHovenburg-Lake Placid

July 16th-Syracuse Summer Biathlon

July 31st – August 7th- Jericho Summer Biathlon Festival-Clinic and Races

August 14th-McCauley Mountain-Old Forge, NY-9 a.m. registration 9 a.m., Zero 10 a.m., Race start 11 a.m. – format TBD

August 20th & 21st-Saratoga Biathlon Club-Day, NY

October 8th & 9th-Tri-States Biathlon Championships-Saratoga Biathlon Center-Day, NY-Race series TBD

Empire State Winter Games Are Set for Winter 2012

The Empire States Winter Games are going to be scheduled, at least for now, for February 2nd through the 5th.  This is a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There was much discussion between the chair’s of each of the winter sports and the Lake Placid Planning committee.  This past week through a phone conference the decision was made to go ahead with the dates listed earlier.  Throughout the summer and early fall plans will be put in place to set up a race schedule that will  be challenging to all.  One of the details that will have to be resolved will be the Lake Placid Loppet.  This 50 km. race is scheduled to take place on February 4th.  For us to have a two day event, we will need to come up with something that will allow our racers to compete on two days and that will also not force people to stay in Lake Placid the entire time.  More news will be posted as soon as a schedule has been put in place.

Check back often to see what is happening with the ESWGs and also the regular race schedules!